Danielle (Dani) Deininger

One of my most memorable dolls was my cabbage patch doll. My grand mother Lillian purchased for me the Christmas of 1984. That year Christmas wasn’t really anything special. My Mother had passed away that November but my grand mother was determined to make sure we had some sort of Christmas. I don't even remember requesting anything special that year.
That morning my grand mother passed out the gifts she wanted us to open first, and mine was the Cabbage Patch Preemie doll. I believe these were gifts that were suppose to be from my mother or items that she had requested my grand mother purchase for us.

I instantly bonded with that doll. That doll heard all my fears, and soaked up a most of my tears at night. I gave him the name Todd When my brother and I went to live at a Children's home. Todd was rudely taken from me because the Houseparent thought I was too old for dolls. I don't know what happened to him but my heart ached for him, and I never for got about him. My grandmother tired to replace him with another Cabbage patch doll but I wasn't interested, he didn't hold all my secrets, and I only wanted my precious Todd.

In January of 2008 my grand mother Lillian passed away. While helping my family go through family photographs I came across a photo of me with Todd. When I got home I decided to start looking for him I knew I could never find my original but I figured I could find one that would represent him. I would look for my long lost friend, it took a few weeks to actually find one that had the original clothes, and had brown eyes. He is home now with me, and has place of honor on the shelf in my bedroom. Every time I look at him I think of my grandmother, and how she tried so hard to make a very hard Christmas better for my brother and I.